Saturday, October 3, 2009 - 01:00



Russell Hicks/


FOUR rides today, all from Woodhatch Park, at 9am...

Whatever your age or level of fitness, we have exciting road rides to suit everyone, from beginners to racers. Every Saturday we aim to have FOUR led rides: Newcomers, around 20 miles. Social Intermediate c.45 miles, Fast Intermediate c.45 miles and 'Sporting' c.50 miles for racers. All rides start at 9am from the park opposite 'The Angel' in Woodhatch. (see 'maps' above)

JOHN McMULLEN will lead an easy Newcomers ride of 20 miles max, nice and easy, always a varied route, tea stops a dream!

SHARON AND MARK will lead a Social Intermediate, a delightful ride to Qaintways Tea Rooms in Penshurst. Around 40 miles, wear something tight. Sorry, I meant BRIGHT.

RUSSELL will lead something slightly nippier to Leith Hill to check out any shortcuts to the top for tomorrow's Hill Climb. We might even go up it.

The leader of the Sporting Ride is agreed on the day.