Monday, January 11, 2010 - 00:00

Turbo training session


Rupert Burbidge


Turbo training session at the YMCA in Redhill.

Get there around 1915 for a 1930 start.

Things to bring include bike(!), turbo trainer, drinks, heart rate monitor (very useful), warm clothes to put on after and a fan would also be good if you have one. A mat to go under your setup would be good, but not essential.

The actual turbo training will be about an hour long and we should be out of there by 2100. I am going to take riders through some high / low cadence work and some intervals. It should be possible for riders to make the session as hard / easy as they wish by means of selecting a resistance that suits them on their trainer (but not too easy!!).

Cost will be £2 or £3 depending on the no of riders to cover room hire.

If it happens to snow so much that people cannot get to the YMCA, I will update this calendar entry by 1700 on Monday so please check that if it has snowed so you do not make an unnecessary or hazardous journey.

Update Monday 11th @ 1600 : This event is definitely going ahead!