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Road Rides


Adrian Webb


If you've been cycling on your own for a while - or perhaps commuting on your bike - and you're confident you can ride over 20 miles comfortably, then it might be time to try pushing yourself a little further and riding with a cycling club. Redhill CC has a wide range of road rides on Saturdays from Newcomers to Racers.


All Saturday rides start at 9am SHARP from Woodhatch Park opposite 'The Angel' pub, south of Reigate (see the map below). Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in for your ride. We do this so we have your mobile and emergency contact numbers.

NON MEMBERS £2 per ride on a ride-before-you-join basis.

1) MARK VINCENT will lead a gentle Newcomers/Social ride of 20ish miles at a gentle pace of 13-14mph average with a teastop halfway and BACK BY NOON latest!

2) JOHN McMULLAN will lead a Social Intermediate ride at 13 -14 mph average of 40+ miles to Tulleys Farm for tea via Colgate.

CHRIS HALL will lead a longer 'sportive training' ride to Ripley via Ranmore, with a later return (1.30pm+) around 55 miles averaging 14-15mph.

3) GRAHAM TUCKER will lead a faster/hilly intermediate ride for those comfortable with nearer 16-17mph average. Teastop or not to be agreed on the day.

NO RACING RIDES THIS WEEK - the lucky blighters are training in Majorca!

NB: DO NOT WEAR DULL/BLACK CLOTHING!! You need to be seen by dozey motorists. We strongly recommend a helmet, correctly fastened and Saturday leaders have the right to decline riders who are not suitably dressed or equipped. Wear mitts & eye protection. Always carry a waterproof, two spare tubes, a pump, a drink and your mobile.

Click on the 'Ride Safety' page above to read our safety guidelines before riding with us. If you would like to see our full annual risk assessment on which these are based, simply email:

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