Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 09:00

Road Rides 16-04-11


Adrian Webb / Brian Costello



For those thinking of trying out with Redhill CC on Saturday rides, please see below for information. For current RCC members, the menu of rides from 9am at Woodhatch Park is below. 

G0) This is the monthly ride where parents and children can join the main club and come out for a very gentle ride to introduce offspring and spouses to the joys of the Club Run! Any children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The ride will be 19miles at the pace of the slowest, stopping for tea at Tanhouse Farm. A link to the route is here:

G1) FRANK GRAINGER leads a gentle Newcomers'/Social ride of 25 - 30 miles at an easy pace that will target 12-14mph average depending on terrain and distance. A guaranteed teastop for chatter and food! 

G2) KEVIN GREENE leads a Social Intermediate ride of 40 - 50 miles with a target 'touring' speed of 14-15mph average. This ride presents a target for new riders or those gaining fitness who want to take a step up to a longer and more challenging distance. A teastop is guaranteed - usually at half way.

G3) JOHN McMULLAN leads a second, more challenging Social Intermediate ride usually with a few challenging hills! A ride for people who are confident in their fitness and have road/group riding experience. (This ride is a manageable step up for those comfortable with G2!)

G4) MARTIN BELL leads the weekly 'mini sportive with teastop' - a significantly challenging ride with a number of tough (some v tough) hills and a good pace to contend with. If in doubt, stick with G3.

G5) BRIAN COSTELLO will lead a quick 'consistent pace' ride of 40 - 55 miles at an average of around 17mph with hills and challenges. This ride will only suit those with experience of sustained, pacy riding in a group. Teastops are usual but will be agreed on the day. If in doubt, go back to G3.

G6/7) A racers' ride suitable only for competing (or soon to compete) racers who are confident in their fitness and ability to ride with discipline in a pack. If in doubt, G5 please! Effectively, an invitation only ride.

NOTE: The ride structure is intended to provide a pathway for those who want to improve their fitness and bike skills. Each is more challenging than the one below it but within reach of anyone who has become comfortable at their current ride level. Many Redhill riders have started as a newcomer and gone on to Sportives and racing within a few years.

Safety Notes DO NOT WEAR DULL/BLACK CLOTHING AND USE REAR LIGHTS!! You need to be seen by motorists, a rider in shadows during winter can be invisible to a driver. Essentials and recommendations We strongly recommend a helmet, correctly fastened and Saturday leaders have the right to decline riders who are not suitably dressed or equipped. Please wear mitts & eye protection.

Carry a waterproof if there's any hint of rain plus two spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a pump, a drink, food and your mobile. Ensure your ride leader has your mobile and you his or hers in case you become separated.

For those considering joining RCC Saturday rides for the first time

If you've been cycling on your own for a while - or perhaps commuting on your bike - and you're confident you can ride over 20 miles comfortably, then it might be time to try pushing yourself a little further and riding with a cycling club. Redhill CC'S Saturday rides cater for Newcomers to Racers. Saturday rides start at 9am SHARP from Woodhatch Park opposite 'The Angel' pub, south of Reigate. Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in for your ride. We do this so we have your mobile and emergency contact numbers. 

NON MEMBERS: a discretionary £2 per ride donation on a ride-before-you-join basis. You must have ridden with us on three rides and have a ride leader or committee member who is prepared to vouch for you when applying for membership. Ride Safety Click on the 'Ride Safety' pages to read our safety guidelines, information on bike checks and list of hand signals and 'bike shouts' before riding with us. If you would like to see our full annual risk assessment on which these are based, simply email the Chairman or Road Events Secretary via the contact page.