Sunday, 8 June 2008

All hail Rory Dawson!

Rory Dawson, Redhill's most powerful rider?
By RCC Administrator
Monday, June 9, 2008 - 20:36
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Rory, Graham, Malcolm and Russell were up at dawn on Sunday to make the start of the 200km Highclere Sportive near Newbury, with almost a thousand seriously competitive riders. There are two shorter rides, 70km and 120km...I wish I'd entered one of those because the 200km turned out to be 126 miles of unrelenting hills, 3000metres of climbs in all! I found it a challenge just to survive.

Rory found Keith and Michelle, riding for Addiscombe this time but Keith was off like a maniac, finally making 5th place out of 530 riders. Rory and Michelle did a scorching 7hrs 44mins. Michelle was the fastest in her age group and 3rd fastest female.

I did the first 73km in 2hrs 34mins (17.4mph) but then started to feel awful and slowed down. I thought I'd pulled a hamstring but a trip to the Doc's this morning confirmed the beginnings of a nasty boil!

Graham, Malcolm and I made it over the line in 9hrs 37mins but we weren't the slowest and many couldn't finish the distance. Would I do it again? With training!!!