Sunday, 9 August 2009

Redhill Racers attack Dunsfold...

Redhill working hard
By RCC Administrator
Sunday, August 9, 2009 - 20:13
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On a perfect morning, nine of us lined up for the start of this Cat 4 race, 15 laps of the Dunsfold circuit, 33 miles according to my computer, with a field of over 60 determined riders.

It was great to so many Redhill riders: Regulars Rupert, Dom, Stuart and Dave Willsher, James Trigg, Simon Deefholts, Tony Longhurst. Lisa Deefholts and myself were attending our first ever race.

The pace gradually increased and as always the end of these races are a blur.

Results are now posted on the BC website and for Redhill CC are as follows:

Womens race:

5 - Lisa Deefholts

Mens race:

5 - Rupert Burbidge

14 - James Trigg

15 - Dominic Clegg

28 - Tony Longhurst

44 - Simon Deefholts

46 - Dave Willsher

48 - Russell Hicks

51 - Stuart Greig

Well done everyone!