Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Never Ending Journey

By Adrian Webb
Monday, November 30, 2009 - 19:16
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The weather was again unexpectedly good with sunny spells creeping over the dark cloudy shoulders now and again. A fair wind was also mixed into the weather equation for the Social Intermediate’s ride to Borde Hill.

I am constantly surprised by turnouts to RCC rides and today was no different. The ride collected 16 number riders at the Angel and an additional rider in Mark Vincent en-route at Turners Hill. Big thanks to all who helped out - especially Adrian and Pete.

With so great a number, I was tempted to do the Tulley’s circuit, as most are familiar with the route and stoppages could be minimized but I think that part of the pleasure in cycling is exploring new routes and seen new and beautiful countryside. And for some, a new and very good tea stop is the highlight of the trip. I think we all saw bit of that today.

A quick trip info and safety brief at Earlswood Lakes car park and we set off for Turners Hill via the Surrey lanes.

Adrian suffered an early ripped tyre so escorted Sarah back via a truncated route. Nick Curran suffered two (but was helped out by two friendly cyclists to get safely home).

En route, on the descent into Borde Hill we raced an express train travelling coast bound on the viaduct. The trip back was lumpy but nippy

On the down side, the road conditions were not great. we were plagued with punctures and mechanical breakdowns which stretched the day’s ride. The team was at all time patient and eager to complete the trip as planned, again well done everyone.

Des e-mailed to say he was back on the road after 15 minutes and got home safely. (Chain trapped in the crankshaft)

Thanks everyone!

(ps. cartoon drawn specially for us by Lee Crawley - local wildlife photographer and artist)