Sunday, 8 November 2009

Visit to the Lavender Line

Lavender Line Visit
By Adrian Webb
Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 18:09
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A Good turnout at the Angel on a murky Sunday morning.

Six riders set off for a fast short ride while the other 14 headed for the Lavender Line at Isfield. At Turners Hill, Mike Conway turned home for an early bath (and a hot lunch!) while the rest of us carried on past Wych Cross to climb up the notorious wall onto the top of Ashdown Forest. On the long descent towards Maresfield the group split due to a batch riding off the front. However, we all gathered in the platform café on Isfield station where we were impressed with the fast service and quality and cheapness of the food.

On the way home, we soon lost a couple of riders off the front (again!). The rest of us stayed together until close to Turners Hill where we splintered, riding in different paced groups; some people were keen to get home; the hills had taken their toll of others who completed the ride a gentler pace.

The weather was kind to us, just the occasional light drizzle; the tea stop was excellent; the company good – a typical Sunday Club ride.

Next week Alan Bush leads a ride stopping at Borde Hill.