Sunday, 6 December 2009

Club Run weather or not ?

Sunday Braves
By Frank Grainger
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 16:29
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Club Run: Weather or Not

-Andrew Ramsay-

Five assorted RCC riders braved the early morning rain after a bike check from Bob or Dave (he has two names) and owns a BMX bike with hydraulic brakes and no seat.

An early decision to merge rides in view of the large number of raindrops and small number of riders (we waited for Nick but no show) was the consensus and thus Graham forged a route over Flanchford Bridge where the River Mole was road level. After a puncture at Capel, by Ockley and Ewhurst the rain eased. Through Cranleigh the sun appeared and we ventured south towards Fishers Farm at Wisborough Green at about 30 miles for a cake and soup stop, combined with communal evaporation.

Afterwards we headed back more directly via Drungewick and Tismans Common towards Ellens Green Walliswood and back via Newdigate with Gavin, Chris and Jonathan upping the pace on the last quarter. About 56 miles covered in less than 4 hours.