Saturday, 13 February 2010

Reigate Revisited!

By stevegrant
Monday, February 15, 2010 - 18:26
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Reigate Re-visited!!

A crisp, cold but sunny morning greeted 11 riders at Reigate Hill car park.

We headed out along the familiar route towards Walton Heath and on towards Mere Pond. The paths were icy in places but firm and this allowed us to make rapid progress to Bockets Farm via Hedley and Leatherhead Downs. We arrived too early for the scheduled tea stop and so pressed on towards Box Hill. A short series of hills through Norbury Park led to our first and only mechanical – Terry managed to over-throw his rear cassette and lodge the chain firmly against the spokes. Fortunately help was at hand, and with links removed and a replacement power-link in place we were ready for the fast descent into Mickleham.

The ascent of Box Hill led to well deserved tea and cakes. John Twitchen even made a guest appearance on his road bike and looking far too clean!!

A warning of muddy and wet conditions on Headley Heath, meant an alternative route back and so we got to enjoy the descent of Box Hill and headed over to Mickelham Downs.

I’m not sure if the mileage or cake was slowing us down but the pace began to wane and so Fran took a party of four and pressed on. We passed through Headley, Walton and ‘Mogador’ (small hamlet to the East of Walton – one for all you ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans).

We arrived back slightly late but funnily enough before Fran!!!

Paul Rhodes

PS - thats Lee showing off again on the front - no photos of the ride so think of this as a promo for saturday