Friday, 13 August 2010

Superstitious? Not us!

Dunsfold 23.07.10
By Barry Gerhold
Monday, August 16, 2010 - 10:48
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Myself and three other Redhill Riders took part. - Peter Farnfield, Howard Dyson and Dave Willsher. On a very wet and gloomy Friday 13th, a small field of 25 riders turned up.

The circuit was riddled with puddles, and it was obvious that this was going to be a long ride, although there was barely any wind which was a nice change. The first few laps started in their usual way, with one or two riders making a breakaway, which didn’t last too long, most of which being closed down within a minute or two. There was not much action during the 30 mile race around the Dunsfold Park circuit, Most people seemed content to wait for the sprint finish which was my intention also. With 400 metres to go,

Redhill Rider Dave Willsher pushed forward into Time Trial mode, pushing up the pace and acting as my lead out man, I stuck to his back wheel until 200metres to go. At this point there were only 7 riders in front around 30/40 metres ahead. I left Dave's back wheel, got out the saddle and sprinted as fast as I could, I caught six of the riders quite quickly, squeezing through a small gap in the group, to finish in 2nd place.

Unfortunately I ran out of track and first place was just out of my grasp. At this time the results have not been published, but we believe that Peter and Dave finished in the top ten, unsure where Howard finished. If anyone would like to add a report from their perspective then please add below.



(The picture is an archive one from a drier Dunsfold!)