Monday, 10 January 2011

2, 4, 6.. 8... What's not to appreciate!

Plenty of smiles before the miles 170111
By Adrian Webb
Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 07:50
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Each week the turnout gets bigger as the true story of the RCC Turbo Sessions continues to spread. Tonight, six of us headed down to a cool, ground floor room at the YMCA complete with a big fan, windows that open and a wall to project a brilliant training video onto. Next week, I suspect there'll be eight.... after that the sky's the limit for a fabulous - and fun - workout.

Huge thanks to Rupert who once again brought along all the kit required to project the video. We set up our bikes and mats, turned the lights off and got to join in through sections of Paris-Roubaix during two tough descending interval spirals.

Basically, it's a warm up, then 2 mins hard effort followed by 2 mins recovery. Then 1:45 hard effort followed by 1:45 recovery. You get the idea. 1:30, 1:15, 1 minute (this time with full all-out effort), 45 seconds, 30 seconds... and relax.

All the time, the soundtrack is pumping out motivational tracks and the captions accompanying the riders on the screen (all footage taken from professional races including the top pros) goad you along.... I particularly enjoyed: "Hey, this punk just opened up a gap... chase him down... NOW!".

For anyone concerned that this session is too hardcore, think again. It's as hard as you make it but probably the best Monday evening I've enjoyed all year, a fantastic workout in good company.  

Great work from Jonny B (note the trademark thumbs up), Kevin and Barry - both looking super strong, Brian and Rupert getting those aero bars just perfect.

And still room for plenty more, so let's see you there next week!