Road meets Mud in Peaslake 12-02-11
By Philip Clarke
Monday, February 14, 2011 - 10:54
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We gathered at the usual Westcot meeting place although shop doing legal stimulants (tea and coffee) was proving to be a possible new meeting point.

Well, it was about 19 miles at a totally unknown average speed but with a high grin factor and a high mud factor. The trail conditions were so different from the previous weeks with the heavy overnight rain giving lots of slip potential on front or back wheels. A very enjoyable ride lead by Lee taking in BKB which I still struggle with and many more less defined tracks.
There was 2 chance meetings along the way, with one group passing on stories of being stopped by a Ranger in the Redlands area and then the POLICE! came along ....... they were riding on a fireroad that was actually a footpath! ...... thats some community service for them then.
The second meeting was the Redhill G4's (not the security company) at the teastop displaying great bravery by passing though the offroad enclave that is Peaslake. I would like to pass on thanks to Martin Bell for getting the pic of us all smiling and for the first time road and offroad reports will use the same headline picture (website permitting). Good to see you boys.
A cracking day out.