Saturday, 26 March 2011

Four Elms G2 at a G3 lick

chartwell barns with the crowd 26-03-11
By Adrian Webb
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 16:10
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The weather was a mix. Nippy at times, warm at others, threat of a shower... then dry. Either way, using the Crowhurst Loop to add a few miles before rejoining the Haxted Road route out to Chartwell Barns ensured we deserved our cup of tea. But what's this..???? When we arrived there were some 30 cyclists from Bromley. Word of a good teastop clearly spreads quickly.  What's more, by the time we came to leave, Addiscombe turned up too. The owners will be looking to retire at this rate. Seriously, they did ask if we could send them a text or call if we're turning up so they can be ready.  The service and food were both excellent as ever.

We returned via the excellent Dairy Lane, Merle Common route and that pace kept ticking up. Alan and relative newcomers David and Dan rode really well with Dan at the front often and David holding on well given the uplift in pace and distance since he started out with us. Mike C also benefited from an extended green card to join us for most of the ride.

By the time we were heading towards Smallfield a veritable chaingang was underway with the peloton averaging around 19 - 20mph for a few miles lead by Meera and Chris S.

A great ride, lovely route and a contender for quickest G2 with an average close to 15.5mph for 47miles. Thanks to Ian for leading and superb work all round.