Sunday, 15 May 2011

Always give it a Tri!

Ormerod Finishing & flying!
By Michael Ormerod
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - 11:37
Michael G Ormerod's picture

Six Redhill Cycling Club women completed the East Grinstead Triathlon on Sunday 15th May. The seventh rider was Michael Ormerod (age 72) taking part in a triathlon for the first time in his life.
The fastest time for the 500 m swim, 26 km cycle ride and 5 km run was Meera Siva who recorded 1h 23 m 51 s to come 3rd in the Female Over-40 category.
Michael Ormerod came 3rd in the 70+ category in 1:54:47.
The other riders were Michelle Arthurs (1:27:47), Sally Smoker (1:36:13), Alison Steel (1:40:13), Maria Balbi (1:42:37) and Sharon Houghton (2:02:39).

Michael Ormerod writes:
I believe in trying anything once; so I allowed Mari to talk me into entering my first Triathlon. A decision I regretted when the alarm went off at 5 am. Two hours later, I was sat apprehensively at the pool side.
The swim was horrible. It was difficult to get a proper rhythm with other swimmers pushing past me. I swear I swam 22 lengths, not 20, but no point arguing with the lane counter (I never could count).
Out the water, into my cycling sandals, ran to the bike and fumbled with my running and cycling tops. The road was great. Started with the wind behind me. I got a good cadence going and soon warmed up, overtaking other riders. After about 8 km, I fought to keep my rhythm on a fairly steep hill; began to feel the pool water starting to regurgitate! Other side of Hatfield, on the second bigger climb, shouts of encouragement from Adrian and his son, Lucas, at the roadside gave me a much needed boost. I then concentrated on keeping my cadence and catching anyone ahead.
A big cheer from group of Redhill CC supporters as I entered the second transition - thanks fellows! Started the run too slowly. Took about a km to get settled into a good rhythm. The course is 'flat' but there were several short inclines and no downhill to compensate (or so it seemed). More cheers as I started the second lap. At last, the final 200 m; gave it everything and ended in good form.
Will I do it again? Maybe, but I do need to swim faster..
Overall, it was a fantastic experience although I found it very hard going. However, I was delighted to have been able to complete a short triathlon while I still have the legs for it.