Saturday, 5 November 2011

Phil's Limpsfield Ride

By Gareth Ashton
Sunday, November 6, 2011 - 16:00
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Around 25 of us met at Limpsfield Chart, a new location for Saturday rides but well known to some of us Night Riders.

Maybe I should have left the bomb holes for the end as doing them 30 seconds into the ride ended up looking like an unpracticed Purple Helmets display as the first half of the group looped back and crossed the second half.

When we all got back together it was off on a series of singletrack bumps, jumps, drops and lots of wet roots, but despite the recent rain it wasn't too muddy. We headed off past Chartwell finding all the best secret singletrack and then climbed the only big hill of the day.

Then I decided that we'd do a slow speed technical trail that reminded some of us older ones of 'Kick Start' but with out the engines. Most people had at least one dab and at least one hit the deck. We then headed off roughly in the direction of Toys Hill and looped back for tea at Chartwell.

Back in the woods young Matt decided to head off down a fast descent with James but he missed the bend and took off into the trees landing about 8m from the trail, he was shaken but not too stirred. We headed back to the car park taking in a few more drops along the way and some of the group decided to take the opportunity of an early bath.

The rest of us went on another quick loop across the Chart doing some fast rooty descents before returning to the start. Despite my best efforts no one got too lost or too injured (I think).

Thanks to Matt Swan for keeping us all together and to everyone else who helped mark the numerous corners in and around the Chart. We should to it again sometime. If anyone fancies it in the dark see Matt Swan for details!