Sunday, 8 January 2012

Calm down, Deer!

Sheffield Park 08-01-12
By Michael Ormerod
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - 10:29
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I heard a crashing in the undergrowth before a herd of deer leaped across the road amongst us. Terrifying! I thought Graham was a goner but they missed him by a hairsbreadth.
We were in Ashdown Forest on Bruce's mystery tour. He had worked out a convoluted route that had us baffled for most of the time. After we turned off at Felbridge, I occasionally recognised a stretch of road before we turned off into yet another (for me) unexplored lane.
Having found the tea shop at North Chailey closed, we continued to the station cafe at Sheffield Park. Suitably refreshed, we headed home by a more direct and familiar route.
A typical old-fashioned club ride; a mix of abilities ranging from me up to Rupert and Charl with the pace set to allow the slowest rider to stay on the back thanks to the regouping at the top of the frequent hills. At Horsted Keynes, Rupert and Charl shot off for a fast loop back; the rest of us proceeded home and a more leisurely pace.