Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sun, scenery and smiles

RH 24Mar12_View
By Conor Maher
Sunday, March 25, 2012 - 18:28
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A glorious morning on Reigate Hill saw 16 RCC riders basking in the sunshine and enjoying a pre-ride cup of tea as the mercury nudged 14C. We were destined for a good MTB ride and so it proved to be.

What a difference 7 days can make as the inclement conditions of the previous weekend were quickly forgotten. The trails were dry and fast as we tackled a familiar route over to Headley, maintaining a good pace despite our one and only puncture of the day en route. Even the climb up High Ashurst was tackled with gusto and many of us completed the ascent non-stop. See, a bit of sunshine and good conditions can definitely bring on that "I can do it" approach, or so I thought until we held a snap by-election at the top which favoured the 10-min road ride diversion in lieu of the normally horrific climb up White Hill.

Soon we were spinning our way across Mickleham and down Juniperhill. Tea, ice cream and Mars Bar cake at Bocketts were within reach now as was a well earned rest. No sign of the experienced riders so, duly refreshed, we climbed up Alsation for the return journey back to Reigate Hill. The temperature was climbing too - close to 20C and not a cloud in the sky.

Thanks to Jack, Rob and Phil who between them back-marked the trails and we arrived back at 12:45 having clocked up a pleasant 22 miles.

Sun, scenery and smiles - yep, we had it all from start to finish. Thanks for your company.