Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Social Six

12.8.12 Plough 1: See- social!
By Mat Swan
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 18:42
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Six turned up at the Plough for a Sunday morning ride, the crew consisted of myself, Jon, Chris, Jules, Keith and Frank. The ride was advertised on the web as an intermediate maybe social depending on who turned up, Frank was gunning for a social so we all agreed we would talk to him on the way round!

We set off at a reasonable pace on the usual route through Gravelhill Wood with all six getting attacked by the overgrowing stinging nettles.
A quick blast round the loop, through hangdog wood and up the short road climb at south park lane before turning right and heading out to Old Tilburstow Road.
Waiting at the big rooty section before the climb up to the top of Hopgarden wood, we somehow lost Frank who had gone straight across Tilburstow road. Keith volunteered to go back and look for him but Frank was already on his way to our tea stop at Oxted Knights.
Arriving at Knights Frank was on his second cup of tea and had already consumed some cake.
After our stop Frank headed home, (think Keith wouldn’t stop talking to him!! ) and the five left headed up Tandridge Hill lane and through Marden Park where I stopped to take some photos on the single track section of the descent towards the school, Jon and Jules showing Keith the correct line!! Sorry Chris missed you, you were far too quick!!
We headed up to view point and then the long descent down Kitchen copse which was interrupted by a Land Rover on the bridleway just before the drop under the motorway (that could have been expensive!).
Back at the Plough and after 21 miles we made sure that this was a social ride and rehydrated with a few pints!
Thanks to all that came along.