Saturday, 15 September 2012

Magic Moments.

September sunshine at Box Hill
By Philip Clarke
Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 20:05
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There was a spirit of optimism as 20 plus riders gathered at Reigate Hill
today with warm sunshine dispelling the early morning dew. After passing the Inglis memorial and the bombhole we took in a sweep of Walton Heath and a little known 'swoopy bit' which awakened the child within.
This was the start of some new twists on the familiar territory of our local trails.
Bringing up the rear on the desent of Smoker Hill it was lovely to see the sunbeams cutting though the dust cloud of the riders in front. Yes, dust clouds! A dry and dusty ride in September, mud took a back seat today.
Life on Mars was a surprize and a highlight for some after the ups and downs that is Stane street
We took a break at Box Hill and rubbed shoulders with riders from far and wide. Some changes to the seating etc were noticeable but it was
pleasing to note the assortment of cake was to the traditional high standard. The poppy seed cake was worth a special mention.
Onwards down china pigs and it was enjoyed in the rare dry conditions today. Circling round the bridleways of Headley Heath brought us to Tye lane and another display of sunbeams in the dust for the backmarkers and it was particularly satisfying not to be presented with heavy duty mud at the lower end.
Over the golf course and a split of the group with a choice of the Sportsman for a beer or coffee at the top of the hill.
A brilliant ride in the sunshine.

Many thanks to Mike T for leading this ride at short notice.