Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rain and Snow? Let's Go!

Bottom of Barry's
By Gareth Ashton
Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 20:55
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The forecast was for rain and snow, and we got both of them. There were reports that one rider didn't even make it to the start, having thought better of the weather and turned back home before he'd even arrived! Little did he know all the fun that eleven riders were going to have slipping and sliding through the Surrey Hills.


This was the first opportunity in quite some time for me to demonstrate my navigational prowness around the trails of Leith Hill, and I coped admirably, save for the all the wrong turnings, u-turns, general lack of sense of direction, etc. If it hadn't been for Steve, we might of had another Coc Sportif on our hands!


The improvised route took us up Holmbury Hill, down Telegraph Row, and up to Leith Hill for a tea stop. Mind that dog crap, Steve said standing outside the tower. We all did, but he didn't, and then to everyone's amusement skipped round the green trying to clean it off.


Next we headed off towards Summer Lightning for a bonus loop, the trail was holding up pretty well considering the conditions and was fun as always. Back up to Leith Hill again, and down towards Holmbury St Mary.


Cycling along the road I heard some funny noises coming from behind me, and looked round to see Mat and Gilly rolling around together on the tarmac! Didn't last long. Both jumped back on their bikes with tired looks on their faces, and carried on riding.


The climb back up Holmbury Hill passed quickly, and we were soon bouncing down Barry Knows Best for a well-deserved tea and pasty from the Peaslake village stores.


Thanks to Steve & Mat for navigational assistance, and Conor for back marking.


Video can be found here:


Until next time!