Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sensational singletrack in Surrey

20130209 - Gilly
By Mat Swan
Monday, February 11, 2013 - 19:22
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One day we'll get a ride in this area when the trails are dry, dusty and fast flowing. However, Feb 9th wasn't to be like that, but considering the recent rainfall, many of the trails were still running sweetly


Eleven RCC riders managed to get over to the other side of Surrey for this ride, most of them astonishingly early. However the keenness in timekeeping wasn't matched by the enthusiasm to get out of their warm cars as the snow started to fall from the sky. Eventually though, the group got going and the riding didn't disappoint.
Some unusual puddles/lakes on the top of Porridgepot Hill caused a couple of minor diversions, but then we were free to enjoy the flowing trails so often used in the races in that area. The group spent a while enjoying the bombholes at the canalside, before venturing south to rip up the surprisingly dry trails on Tunnel Hill. On the few rest stops, Alex provided some musical entertainment from his speaker (some new form of back-pack essential?), and we continued to cover many of the trails that will be used in next weekend's Gorrick race. One particular highlight was the jump on the exit of 'Sleeping Squaddies', where we spent a few minutes playing, although Connor's attempt at big air nearly wiped out the cameramen (and himself).
After three solid hours at a good pace, the group retired to the local cafe, and pigged out on their considerable fare, such that the executive decision was taken to take the direct route back to the cars, tired, happy and keen to do more when those dry trails finally return.