Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ice Cream and Sun Cream

By Conor Maher
Sunday, June 9, 2013 - 21:00
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So I can now add long range weather forecasting to my comprehensive list of skills. Barely 14 days ago I had forecast hours of sunshine for Saturday's ride and had even issued a weather warning for high UV levels and the need for sun cream. Somehow our exalted chairman in his weekly address to the nation confused this with a promise of ice cream for every rider. Perhaps that explains why I had an eager group of 23 people waiting at Rykas for some off-road action.

Modelling my new (and first!) RCC MTB jersey we headed up Juniper Hill to warm the legs before a quick dash across Mickleham and a very steep and fast drop down to Lodgebottom Rd (mind the trees everyone!). More challenging ups and downs through High Ashurst and Headley Heath before things started to even out (just a little) as we made our way over towards Langley. Bocketts Farm, and its friendly staff, was a welcome sight as ever. But no-one seemed to notice the ice cream machine had been stocked up……ssssh! A few of our number decided to head home early while the rest of us set off towards Bookham Wood and the long, steady climb up Ranmore before a very fast drop down the side of Denbies and the home run to Rykas. Just over 18 miles in pleasant sunshine and company with hopefully something for everyone in the ride. Thanks to Sue and Rob for keeping the back connected to the front. I shall be leading another ride soon - check back here for the long range weather forecast. Best, Conor