Saturday, 15 March 2014

Almost back on time

20140315 - Dave posing for the camera
By Mat Swan
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 21:53
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Down at Mole level, we had to make up some height and trundled up through Westhumble to Ranmore, then lost some height again paying a visit to Golden Nugget for the second week running. Straight back up the road to the top and we were cranking along the tarmac for White Hill and Abba Zabba/Blind Terror. By now the sun was out all, all the better to notice the substantial tree blocking the bottom of the first ramp in a 'crush your bike and your face' sort of way. Still, those looking for steeps were not thwarted as several valiant first attempts were made on the next big ramp, with Mark heard to say he was 'satisfied and could go home now'.


Peaslake, tea and cake were calling so we headed south. Before that we had to earn them, so after losing Jules for an early bath, Holmbury first it was! Yoghurt Pots, Surfer Rosa and then Barry got us close, at which point the prospect of a quick but climby lap of the fun stuff on Pitch seemed a bit much so we made tracks for food, at the same time losing Si to a need to get home.


And then it was just to head home after a pleasant sit in the sun. Rad Lane, Abinger Roughs, and then up the long, long drag to Ranmore. Dave's Denbies Descender was declared to be running brilliantly on the way down and the climb of Box Hill was tackled with more enthusiasm than the number of miles in the legs would justify. Having lost Mark at the bottom to the proximity of a train ride home and our now small group being in plenty of time for the finish, we opted for an ice cream stop amongst the hordes of drop bar folk at the cafe. Suitably rejuvinated we pushed on to be back at a leisurely 3.15pm with mileage somewhere in the low forties.


Not bad!