Saturday, 22 March 2014

Fuelled by hot sausage rolls!

Polesden Lacey
By Colin Morgan
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 12:12
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16 experienced riders waved goodbye to Mark and his intermediate riders at Reigate Hill, and headed towards Headley. The ground was damp from overnight rain and there was a chill in the air, just perfect for off road riding.

A couple of miles in and Jason gets a puncture, only his 2nd time out on a brand new carbon Spec Epic29er purchased in the same colours as his old one so is wife does not notice! Umm think we have all done that in the past!!

At Headley we find a small trail through the bracken which leads to a tricky drop off and a testing slippery single track, hardly used and new to most of us.

A long climb to the Box Hill top road and we are on our way to China Pig. This is a lovely track that can take 10 mins to descendbut now interrupted by 2 fallen trees demanding a dismount, it was quite hard to ride it fast, without feeling both wheels drifting sideways, a nice feeling if you can hang on!

From Westhumble up to Ashcombe Wood is a long climb, quite a few resorted to walkingand Mark H had a lay down half way up! (see out take on video). Up on to Ranmore we waved goodbye to Jules and dropped off the North Downs to the south and climbed straight back up, at White Downs. Needing a tea break we race to Polesden 2 miles away.

Colin spending most of his tea stop repairing our second puncture of the day and all fuelled by hot sausage rolls and tea. Norbury Park is our next waypoint. It was here we had a confrontation with an irate trail riding motorcyclist, who after trying to run me off the track, shouted at us about riding certain trails. We all let him know our point of view, which turned into a shouting match. Ironically the illegal rider then accelerated away at speed ripping up the dirt as he went!

We then negotiated Druids Grove and the bridleway to Mickleham. Back to Headley and over Walton Heath, then Reigate Hill. 30 miles in total.



Colin took some video footage of some of the trails, make sure you watch the out take at the end!