Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Davy Doubles up at Horsham

Nick Davy, club TT
By maurice
Friday, June 13, 2014 - 18:29
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Nick Davy doubled up by winning both the vets and handicap competitions at Horsham this week.

A cracking warm summer evening greeted the riders with light winds and fast conditions.


In the scratch Maurice experienced a series of calamities involving breaking skinsuits, traffic hold-ups and general lateness but the fast conditions still allowed a 21:13.


On-theme Nick also finished second, prompting OCD theories on his results.


Matt Peel produced a strong performance with a 22:49 and we hope to see him competing in more opens soon.


At a ripe 69 years of age Stuart Metcalfe PB'ed. Keep going at this rate and you'll have the 10 competition record by the time you're 90, Stuart.

RiderTimeScratch Pos
Maurice Brennan00:21:131
Nick Davy00:22:312
Matt Peel00:22:493
Steve Bryant00:23:584
Geoff Clifton00:24:105
Michelle Arthurs00:24:516
Stuart Metcalfe00:25:397
Cat Gaskell00:27:348
Rick Gregory00:27:359
Richard Bailey00:29:0610


In the handicap comp this week everyone was slower, but then we were comparing to times done on an 8.8 mile circuit! Incidentally the Horsham 10 is now a tad long with the extra roundabout, more like a 10.1... The leaderboard was tight with all riders within a minute or so with each other.

RiderTimeHandicap diffHandicap Pos
Nick Davy00:22:31-00:01:291
Maurice Brennan00:21:13-00:01:372
Stuart Metcalfe00:25:39-00:01:393
Matt Peel00:22:49-00:01:414
Geoff Clifton00:24:10-00:01:455
Michelle Arthurs00:24:51-00:01:486
Steve Bryant00:23:58-00:01:557
Richard Bailey00:29:06-00:01:557
Rick Gregory00:27:35-00:02:209
Cat Gaskell00:27:34-00:02:3310


In the womens class it was Michelle ahead of Cat. 

RiderTimeWoman Pos
Michelle Arthurs00:24:511
Cat Gaskell00:27:342


Cat was the only road bike rider this week (that I know of, no-one wrote an R next to their name and I was still trying to extract myself from my skinsuit!), the faster DC course more of an aero penalty than at Horne, which can be seen in the handicap result also.


In the vets most riders were pluses this week, we can forgive Richard Bailey for piloting a trike as the huge hole it punches through the air is worth a few seconds for all passing riders.

RiderTimeVet StdVet TimeV Pos
Nick Davy00:22:3100:26:4500:04:141
Stuart Metcalfe00:25:3900:28:5200:03:132
Geoff Clifton00:24:1000:27:0900:02:593
Steve Bryant00:23:5800:26:1300:02:154
Rick Gregory00:27:3500:28:2300:00:485
Richard Bailey00:29:0600:28:43-00:00:236


Lots of riders missed out on great conditions this week, don't miss out next week as with the impending roadworks we may not be able to run on Horsham many times this season.


Phil HeadenEast Surrey Road Club0:27:37
Duncan GrantPrivate 00:24:23
Alex BishyPrivate DNF (off course?)