Saturday, 12 July 2014

Holmbury’s hidden trail

At Altitude
By Colin Morgan
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 09:02
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The weather was a muggy 20 degrees and by the time we reached Walton Heath we were well warmed up.


On to China Pig where the trees gave us a break from the sun, it was in fine condition and rolling well.


The first proper climb came at Westhumble, again through the woods and out to Ranmore. Dropping off the North Downs at White Downs, and on to Peaslake, a wave of new found energy as we raced for our cheese straws!


After tea, a road climb up Radnor Road, to Holmbury Hill, and to the start of a new trail I had discovered recently and which needs naming. Its a delightful single track with twists and turns over roots and rocks, which eventually exits near Joldwynds The entrance is so overgrown that it hardly looks like a trail at all. I hope it stays hidden, this can be Redhillcc’s little secret!


A long hard climb to the top of Leith Hill and a second stop for cold drinks at the tower.

Now refreshed we enjoyed the new Summer Lightning trail, all the way to Coldharbour.

This leads conveniently to Redlands wood where new trails are opening up all the time. Not surprisingly quite a few of our team had never ridden them before.


On to the final leg of this ride we climbed back up onto the North Downs at Smith and Western (Box Hill), and along the ridge to Reigate.

A total distance just shy of 40 miles.

Good to see everybody so tired.