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Results board defies the wind

Matt - testing
By maurice
Sunday, August 17, 2014 - 16:57
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Week 15 of the club TT series saw Matt Peel (pictured) take the road bike win. Conditions were far from calm yet as the result board revealed, far from slow.


In the scratch competition Brian Hennessey took the honours ahead of Matt Peel and Maurice Brennan.


RiderTimeScratch Pos
Brian Hennessey00:21:111
Matt Peel00:21:232
Maurice Brennan00:21:353
Chris Stone00:21:564
Steve Bryant00:21:575
Will Henton00:22:116
Geoff Clifton00:22:147
Nathanael Booker00:22:398
Stuart Bunt00:23:349
Stuart Metcalfe00:23:4310
Fiona Blagg00:23:5611
Rick Gregory00:24:5812
Richard Bailey00:26:0213
Harley Glossop00:26:4214
Robert Stephenson00:27:5115


Once again Fiona Blagg was the only woman competing yet it doesn't seem to slow her down taking another 15 seconds off her time this week. Rumour has it we might see some aerobars on her bike next time!


Will 'Handicap' Henton continued his unbelievable domination and already record-breaking points total in the handicap competition.


RiderTimeHandicap diffHandicap Pos
Will Henton00:22:1100:00:261
Chris Stone00:21:5600:00:232
Stuart Metcalfe00:23:4300:00:173
Rick Gregory00:24:5800:00:173
Fiona Blagg00:23:5600:00:155
Geoff Clifton00:22:1400:00:116
Steve Bryant00:21:5700:00:067
Richard Bailey00:26:02-00:00:108
Matt Peel00:21:23-00:00:159
Brian Hennessey00:21:11-00:00:1610
Stuart Bunt00:23:34-00:00:1811
Harley Glossop00:26:42-00:00:2412
Robert Stephenson00:27:51-00:00:5813
Maurice Brennan00:21:35-00:01:5914


Seen in the photo on his usual TT outfit, Matt opted for the purity of the road bike category this week to take the win 33 seconds ahead of Chris Stone.


RiderTimeRoad Pos
Matt Peel00:21:231
Chris Stone00:21:562
Stuart Bunt00:23:343
Fiona Blagg00:23:564
Harley Glossop00:26:425


New club TT recuit Harley knocked out another solid time this week, hope to see him making inroads on the handicap rankings soon.


Brian Hennessey took a dual win this week with victory on Vets Standard in addition to the scratch. He was given a good run for his money by Chris Stone, only two seconds adrift.


RiderTimeVet TimeV Pos
Brian Hennessey00:21:1100:02:101
Chris Stone00:21:5600:02:082
Stuart Metcalfe00:23:4300:01:463
Geoff Clifton00:22:1400:01:364
Steve Bryant00:21:5700:01:045
Rick Gregory00:24:5800:00:046
Stuart Bunt00:23:34-00:00:057
Richard Bailey00:26:02-00:00:458
Robert Stephenson00:27:51-00:01:389


Guests were as follows:-


Mike PageEpsom CC00:26:44
Danny YorkCrawley Wheelers00:21:09
Chris BatchNorwood Paragon00:21:11
James RyanLewes Wanderers00:20:31