Saturday, 7 March 2015

Don't say the S-word..............

It's spring again........
By Rick Gregory
Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 21:15
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Lots and lots of riders at the 'Drome this morning, ready to enjoy the S*****like sunshine but endure the still strong and rather chilly wind. Eight of us formed up into a G2 to head in the direction of Horsham and into the wind. 


Having passed Frank's G1 group on Masons Bridge Road, we were subsequently passed ourselves by the G3ers before Leigh so all was normal in the order of things. But having ridden down through Charlwood who should we see again but the G1 group. We'd like to think they took a shorter route to that point.


Anyway, we "sped"(!) past, and onwards via Rusper and Warnham to Broadbridge Heath and Stooks, unfortunately arriving 4 minutes after the witching hour for breakfast and hence bacon butties. Was it the strong head winds or the dithering at the start, whatever, we didn't make it. This approaches a crisis for the bacon buttie aficionados in the group, but the crisis was diverted by the fruit scones and jam, and of course by being able to sit out in the warm and bright S***** sunshine.


So after languishing a little longer than normal, we returned via Horsham and Wimland Road with the now (mostly) tail wind helping us recover some ride speed after the slow progress against the wind on the way down.


Had S***** sprung? Far too risky to say. Safer to say that the "late winter" sunshine drew out a bigger group than we have had for some time and made for a really pleasant ride.


Thanks to Roger and Matthew for helping out on the front and many thanks to Andy for keeping everyone with us at the back end.