Saturday, 14 November 2015

Despite the weather!

selfie 14/11
By Colin Morgan
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 09:36
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So on my first ride 8 people started and 3 finished, it rained the whole time and the wind across the top of the Downs was harsh.  Sounds like a nightmare, but actually I think it went OK.  Started off by hiding round the back of the tea hut on Epsom Downs.  Headed back North from the car park to come around the Grandstand and then all the way up to Walton.  We lost the first three here, but it was planned and they had already made their way down from Reigate Hill anyway.  Through to Tadworth and then out the back through Burgh Heath to Kingswood via several different bridleways.  Some muddy parts but it was mostly trails so not much mud or standing water (despite the weather).  Then back through Mugswell to the bottom of Gatton Park, a wet tea stop at the Reigate car park where a couple were well prepared enough to bring dry gloves in plastic bags.  Starting off again was hard into the windy wet weather, but on the familiar solid trails past the monument and across into Headley the pace kept up well.  A couple of big climbs up to Hurst Drive Walton and then over the Walton Downs, the end was in sight.


Looking at the stats after it was 23 miles at a reasonably high pace.  The trails while wet had still not turned into a winter quagmire so the pace was reasonably high.  Lots of link roads helped in this.  I think I should have probably billed it as a fast intermediate ride, not single tracks, but I did probably hustle people on a bit.  Still I enjoyed it and I think others enjoyed seeing the trails to the North East of Reigate Hill that I don’t think the club runs through that often.