Saturday, 28 November 2015

Late Autumn on the Surrey trails

Cold at Newlands
By Philip Clarke
Sunday, November 29, 2015 - 16:23
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Eleven gathered at Ryka's on a chilly but not frosty morning.The chill became more noticable as we were delayed by 15 minutes awaiting a latecomer!
It became apparent that this would be a ride when body temperature would be difficult to regulate, either hot on the climbs or cold  when stationary or descending, all part of the cyclists lot.
Once underway we followed a familiar warm up route along the the A24 cycle path before a climb up though Norbury Park, crisscrossing Fetcham Downs and Ranmore common and somewhere in between passing by Polesden Lacy. Plenty of heat was generated on the stoney climb with  gritty sounds under the tyres until we reached the trail along the ridge which we followed to Newlands Corner. There were the usual deep puddles  along this section.
Refreshments at Newlands was a draughty affair with a full on breeze with little shelter although 2 of our party sort refuge and cappochinos in the cafe over the road (and they missed the photo).
For the return trip Mark followed his regular route back along the ridge and an alternative route was taken by others.  The alternative was undulating and zigzagging around the villages of Albury, Shere, Gomshall and Wescott with almost no tarmac until arriving at Dorking.
There was a particulaly delightful climb on a thick carpet of leaves which actually seemed easier for being leaf covered.
It was a good ride and many thanks to Mark for leading us out.