Saturday, 26 March 2016

Storm Katie's A Cracker

Colin 2603
By Colin Morgan
Monday, March 28, 2016 - 10:55
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Storm Katie was making its intentions plain as the MTB section arrived at Leith Hill tower. The wind was driving rain in from the south, and we huddled in the shelter of the tower with our tea and fruit cake alongside families out for Easter walks with their dogs. 
Apart from the tea stop, we hardly noticed the weather. Down in the woods, away from the summit, we were out of the wind and the forecast heavy rain held off until later in the day.
Seven riders set off from Holmbury St Mary car park to ride the singletrack around Holmbury and Leith Hills, and to enjoy old favourites such as Park Life (known to the youngsters as Yoghurt Pots), Widow Maker and the full length of Summer Lighting which was running very nicely. Cousin Vinnie's Strange Garden was dispatched, followed by Waggledance. I then introduced the team to some hidden noodly bits on Wotton Common including rarities such as the fabled Car Wash. It proved too challenging first time through, so we went round and gave it a second pass, with riders showing much better flow. We finished with the headlong plunge down a trail known for some reason as Reckless. 
It appeared from Strava that some riders had decided, based on the weather forecast and Ade's Thursday night email, to ride on Friday instead of the club ride on Saturday. They may have enjoyed the sunshine but they missed a cracker of a ride!