Saturday, 3 December 2016

G3 unlucky for some ride to High Beeches

G3 3 Dec 2016
By Rick Gregory
Sunday, December 4, 2016 - 21:34
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A glorious winter morning saw 12 of us head out with a good mix of riders from G3 to G5. We headed out to Norwood Hill where a second head count showed we'd grown to 14, but a very seasoned group naturally split into two groups to make our way onto Rusper. 

As we turned onto Faygate Lane, there were calls of man down. After a few minutes, along came Keith C who had taken on some horse manure whilst cornering and had come off worse. Luckily there was nothing more serious than torn bar tape and not coming up smelling of roses!

With Keith chosen as our back marker for obvious reasons, we set off again through Colgate and onto Handcross and the High Beeches tea room.

High Beeches is a good stop, especially in the winter. Prices are very good and there are plenty of seats inside. The owner said they are quiet now as the nearby gardens are closed. 

Fed and watered we took a straight ride back turning off just before Turners Hill and up through Copthorne with some of the faster G riders taking to the front and stretching their legs before all regrouping at Smallfield and then back to the Drome. 

Thanks to all for a great 42 miles in the winter sunshine and we all hope Keith isn't too sore tomorrow.

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