Sunday, 12 March 2017

Solo break pushes Matthew to close finish at Preston Park

Matthew so close to historic win
By Adrian Webb
Sunday, March 12, 2017 - 17:14
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In a nervy race that saw a dramatic crash in the final laps, Redhill CC's Matthew Ferguson - riding in his first race as a Cat 3 rider - launched a stunning solo attack with less than four laps to go and so nearly held on for the win until he was caught by a furiously chasing peloton just yards from the line. His incredible ride still helped him claim a place in the top ten.  

This was a race gauged perfectly by Matthew who sat safely near the back of the bunch throughout the first 45 minutes of racing. He watched a few attempted breakaways fail quickly with the bunch staying pretty much together throughout the race.

Then when the lap board went out for five laps to go, he moved up around the outside of a large and fast bunch into a strong position in third or fourth wheel. Then to the delight of the Redhill supporters and the surprise of everyone on the track, he soloed out to close to a third of a lap's gap from the bunch. 

For all the world, with a lap and a half to go it looked like he would stay away. Only when the strong guys at the front of the bunch realised they'd been comprehensively jumped by a young guy with a lot of power did some organisation emerge.  The chasers put the hammer down but into the last corner it still looked like he might hold on. Certainly, if the volume of support from the grandstand had been a factor he would have!

Caught with less than 10 meters to the finish line, Matthew crossed in fifth or sixth position. We await official results when this will be updated.

If any other Redhill riders would be interested in trying their hand at Preston Park, please let Adrian or Race Sec, Henry Hunter, know. Most G5 riders or above would be perfectly comfortable on this circuit and at Cat 4 speeds. We may be able to help you with transport and will certainly help you with support.