Saturday, 22 July 2017

Wet wet wet in Redlands

By Jim Jones
Monday, July 24, 2017 - 20:50
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Leaving Westcott, five intrepid RCC MTB riders led by David braved the short tarmac section before hitting the off-road ‘steeps’ of Redlands, an area recognised for its great flank of technical single track.
Today’s objective was to take in 6 descents; each one featuring an ‘interesting’ characteristic of its own. Warming up on Twin Towers, the ride proceeded to take in Waves of Mutilation with its upended tree/root, Corkscrew’s left and right variants and Sweet Bob with its roll down/uppy bit plus a few others that might have been called one thing or another. One highlight was David taking his never-ridden-before ‘fat-bike’, lent by Nirvana Cycles, over the fallen-tree-that-is-not-a-roll.
Redlands is best ridden when it’s dry, so naturally we timed it to accommodate a perfect monsoon-like downpour or two – much to Jim’s delight.
Lots of Whyte TS 130’s in evidence, including Nick’s previously shiny-out-of-the-box, week-old bike that didn’t come home quite so shiny.
Redlands’s huge offering of ‘pick’n’ mix single track provides lots of ideas for the next time out. Just pick a dry day!