Sunday, 6 August 2017

A pothole too far

Green Fingers 2017
By Michael Ormerod
Monday, August 7, 2017 - 20:11
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About a dozen riders turned up at the Drome, but only 4 of us were signed up for the Sunday Steady; the rest headed off at a far from steady pace. I had wanted to lead a ride to Mark Cross but for the second time I was thwarted. Jacquie, Janina and Bruce wanted to be back reasonably early so we opted for Green Fingers on top of Ashdown Fotest.

The previous Friday Bruce had completed the London-Edinburgh-London. Anyone else would have spent the next few days off the bike if not in bed - but not Bruce. Unfortunately, the diet on the ride had left him with an upset stomach and he had to turn Back at Turners Hill.

Descending Horsted Lane, I hit a large pothole at about 30 mph. On the return journey, I realised there was something wrong with the back wheel and released the back brake. The following day Daimon at c & n told me that the wheel was out of shape and a write off. At least I stayed on the bike.

Without further incident, we relaxed over coffee and rode home with some more fast descents plus (for me) some slow ascents,

Good ride, good weather, good cafe and excelleent company - what could you want.

Mike Ormerod