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Saturday Road Rides

For those thinking of trying out with Redhill CC on Saturday rides, please scroll to the bottom of this section. For current RCC members, log in and see comments for details. Note, the numbers on each ride must NOT exceed 12 including the rider setting the route.


G1) When offered, this is an Easy/Newcomer 25 - 35 miles at the pace of the slowest rider (usually 13.5 - 14.5mph ave.)  

G2) A Social Intermediate ride of 40 - 50 miles at a 'touring' speed of 14-15mph average. A teastop is guaranteed - usually at half way. There are often two versions of G2 in summer months.

G3) Social ride of around 50 miles with varying terrain including some challenging hills. The average speed is 15 - 16mph. Tea stop is guaranteed. Typical hills include Ranmore, Box Hill etc.   

G4) 'Mini sportive with teastop' - with a number of challenging hills (sometimes one or two extra) usually clocking a good pace (ie 16 - 17+mph ave) for 50 - 60 miles. NOT a racers' ride but only for strong riders. Always a teastop en route. 

G5) A quick 'consistent pace' ride of 55 - 70 miles at an average of around 17 - 18mph+ ave with hills and challenges. Will only suit those with experience of sustained, pacy riding in a tight group and often an interest in moving up to racing. Teastop usual. If in doubt, go back to G4 or G3.  

G6) A fast ride of 55 - 70 miles at an average of 18 - 20mph average with a focus on disciplined quick riding in a tight group. Often used by those who have raced or are building up racing form. Teastop usual.  

G7) Racers' ride. Only for those currently or in training to race and with significant experience of very tight, fast group riding. Usually no teastop, these rides will often focus on specific skills or intervals. 

Safety Notes 

DO NOT WEAR DULL/BLACK CLOTHING AND USE REAR LIGHTS IF LIGHT IS MURKY!! You need to be seen - a rider in shadows during winter can be invisible to a driver. Essentials and recommendations. We strongly recommend a helmet, correctly fastened and Saturday leaders may insist on riders wearing one given that all rides involve bunch riding and may include newcomers. Ride Leaders have the right to decline riders who are not suitably dressed or equipped.

Please wear mitts & eye protection too. Carry a waterproof if there's any hint of rain plus two spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a pump, a drink, food and your mobile. Ensure your ride leader has your mobile and you his or hers in case you become separated. CARRY AN ICE CARD! If you would like to see our full annual risk assessment on which these are based, simply email the Chairman or Road Events Secretary via the contact page.  

Riders wanting to join RCC rides for the first time. 

If you are NOT an RCC member, DO NOT TURN UP ON SATURDAYS hoping to ride with the club. Your first step is to read the NEWCOMERS GUIDE on our website (click to visit) and then contact us via the contact pageYou will need to attend a separate introductory ride first and then move to the Saturday or other rides. During busy times we may not always be able to accommodate those moving from the introductory ride as priority must be given to existing paid-up members during busy times! 


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