By Gwyn Williams
Sunday, January 21, 2018 - 14:31
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The weather forecast was pretty dismal, so I was surprised to find that 14 of us had gathered to join the expedition to the Far West. This included new rider Derek resplendent in his knee length white socks and a welcome visit from Bruce.

Cold and drizzly and quite muddy to start with but it got better in the middle and then got very muddy towards the end.  We headed towards Tattenham Corner where Fran peeled off and Rob and Phil stopped to fix a puncture. The rest of us carried on westwards over Ashtead Common and then looped back to Bike Beans café where we found Rob and Phil sitting at a reserved table labelled “Redhill Riders”. Following much cake, tea and coffee, we headed back via a loop that took us to our westernmost point just after crossing the M25. On the way back we rode a short stretch of Stane Street where I had done a bit of pruning to clear a fallen tree a few days earlier. It was then just a question of choosing which mud to plough through on the way back to Reigate Hill. Amazingly, Derek’s socks stayed pristine all the way through (well, not really)..