Saturday, 17 March 2018

Experienced Wotton left us Wanting!

By Jim Jones
Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 17:17
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 We all like a bit of snow on the mountain bike side of the club, but we are all in much need of a bit of Spring sun it was decided this week. 

Leaving Wotton, eleven of us left the car park with snow falling down upon us - global warming hey! With quite quick progress we made our way across the Roughs, crossed the 25 and started making our way up to Holmbury. It was at about this time Andrew  (Big Daddy) got his first flat. A quick borrow of a pump and we were off again, making our way over to the top of Barry’s. In we went and before long, Big D had pulled up to fix another puncture, giving us permission to go on and meet at the bottom. After ten minutes I remembered he didn’t have a pump, so I sent everyone to tea early and went back up to help. After tea we decided to head straight over to Leith Hill to pick up Summer Lightning, and back to Wotton for a well deserved drink in the pub. A couple of punctures and a few iced up derailers left us all waiting for the upcoming summer.