Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Rise (and Fall) of the Troy: Experienced Big D Ride

By Jim Jones
Monday, May 21, 2018 - 22:38
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This report needs to start with a thanks and explanation; I am trying to line up my 250th parkrun with my 13 yr old nephew’s 50th, so needed to get a parkrun in as well as this ride, hence the requirement to meet near the Priory, so I could (just about) fit them both in. 

So, with parkrun done, I rolled up to the Flanchford road car park nearly 10 mins late hoping no one would notice, to find 15 people ready to roll. Awesome! A brand new Devinci Troy under me, brilliant warm sunshine over us and dusty trails, lets do it!

Of course, from there the only way was up, as we headed up past the rugby club then along under the hill, before heading towards to monster Colley hill. Before then, we had my first crash (damn those new wide bars, and narrow trails) and the first puncture for Matt. Colley hill passed with some unspoken gauntlet throwing between Matt and myself – cleaned and no dabs from either!

Then Matt needed a rest, so more puncture fixing for him, then off towards Tadworth via Walton Heath golf course. Then  down a narrow rutted and fast bridleway, complete with a very large friendly horse blocking the way and across to Stane Street, which rolls up and down all the way to below Juniper hill, which finished on a fast flowy descent. 

From there, after a regroup, the only way was up, Juniper hill which just gets steeper and steeper. Jim couldn’t hack the pace and dropped out the back (allegedly ‘checking the guys at the back are ok’). Onwards to the tea stop at Destination Bike, where much tea and cake was consumed, to refuel for the last push home. 

Then along the ridge line to Reigate hill and the point at which the group split, with some heading back down to Reigate and others to Redhill.

I followed down the Wray Lane downhill, which is an awesome little trail, especially on a big bike, and home. I hope everyone enjoyed that as much as I did – including the cheeky parkrun at the beginning!!