Saturday, 16 June 2018

G5 go on a milk run

G5 Tea at the Milk Churn
By Peter Farnfield
Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 16:49
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Steve Dewey's G5 group numbering (don't tell AW) a baker's dozen (which did split on the busy roads) set off with the unusual addition of Martin B who promised to accompany us for the whole ride. Thank you Martin it was a pleasure to have you on board and a great addition you were too. Steve had promised a flattish route out to the Milk Churn (Rudgwick for those who still might not have visited this gem) taking the long way there - some 40 miles or so with 25 on the way home. The weather was cool and the head wind increasingly strong but we made good progress until Ben E picked up a puncture at the bottom of Okewood Hill and despite the help of his father Dave took about 30 minutes, or so it seemed, to fix it. Apparently the vavle was rather dicky. In the meantime Steve and Lottie had an interesting encounter with a home owner walking her dachshunds. She asked that we get off her drive as the dogs didn't like cyclists and would want to attack them. And I thought our troubles were limited to 4-wheeled road users. Cracking on the group made good progress to Alfold Crossways, Dunsfold and thence to Plastow when the wind finally gave us a helping hand. My Strava feed showed plenty of PBs along this section and we pulled into the Milk Churn with about a 19mph average. There we bumped into the G6s who had clearly been driven by Calvin who I noted later had picked up a KOM on Flanchford Road (hardly a mountain I have to say) and then went onto pick up a 3rd and 4th place on two other segments. I clearly made the right choice in not going with them but well done to them all. We left the coffeee stop with me feeling a little guilty as I'd offered to help a chap who'd arrived with a broken rear hanger and needed a chain breaker. He had been looking for the link and as he was no longer searching for it when we left I guess he'd given up. Pushing on home thereafter was uneventful and we ticked off the miles rapidly. Thanks Steve you were great and after the small loss of one rider two weeks ago I noted how diligently you cared for all your charges. In future you shall be called Steve "Shepherd" Dewey.