Saturday, 16 June 2018

Friston Frenzy

By Jim Jones
Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 22:22
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It's that time of year when Rcc Mtb starts to head down to Friston to take in the many fast and flowing trails the forest has on offer.

Lee had got his date in the diary with fingers crossed hoping that we would get away with dry weather as Friston in the wet can be a bit precarious.

Arriving at the carpark a lot of the usual suspects were there with a few notable absences, but the numbers were bolstered by a couple of workmates who lived locally had joined us to show us any trails that Lee didn't know!

It's also that time of year that the fastest roadie on a MTB starts to grace us with his ever welcome presence The Brash was back. Leading of up the first hill within meters from the cars we had our first mechanical quickly fixed we went on our way on the first of the steady Friston climbs.

Arriving at the top we regrouped and then dived in to the first of many trails hoping for dry grip. Emerging out on to the fire road at the end of the trail we agreed that it couldn't be much better. So upwards we went. This is where Tom started pumping, throughout the day Tom could be found pumping at the end of lots of trails and at the top of lots of bombholes. 

In to another trail and we had our first OTB one of the new guys had misjudged a corner and laid his bike down. To be fair he was on a 25 year old fully rigid mtb with some extra long barends fitted just for extra style. As much as i enjoyed riding my first fully rigid mtb in the 80's i didn't envy him one little bit. It seemed the only person who did was Adam he loves a classic.

A few trails and bombholes later our resident roadie decided to show the new guy's how to crash properly. Emerging out of the bushes smiling as ever he looked like he had been attacked by a tiger with blood on his cheek and legs we checked he was ok but ever the trooper he carried on un phased.

A few jumps and trails later we got to the bit of the trail most of us were dreading, the really steep climb at the back of the forest. this was our resident masochist time to shine. Big D shot of up the hill making it look easy( i'm going to have to check that bike for motors). The twenty five year old bike gave a cry of mercy at the top of this hill  and the jockeywheels tried to abandon ship but they weren't being let of that easy there at least another ten years in that derailleur.

Some of us had to head off so the remainers climbed one more time to the top in the glorious sunshine and enjoyed the last trail down to the carpark fireroad.  Lee always puts on a good ride and with the near perfect conditions glorious sunshine and the hardest roadie on a mountain bike it has turned out to be one of the best ride's at Friston in a long time.