RCC Riders in Top 350 of Mallorca 312

RCC Riders in Top 350 of Mallorca 312
By James Trigg
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 20:02
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Andy, Phil, Tom, Julian, Charles, Peter, Calvin, Aaron and James took part in the Mallorca 312 last weekend.  It was a fantastic event and a tough course for any of the three distances.  Epic climbs, amazing descents and fast flats with beautiful surroundings for the whole route which had closed roads all the way around.  The feed stations were nothing short of epic (if a little busy) with a great selection of fruit, energy bars, gels as well as savoury food such as sandwiches, a welcome change to all the sugar.  Having sun cream available too was a thoughtful touch.  

Well done to Calvin, Andy and Tom for getting into the top 350 riders. And to all the other RCC riders taking part in the event. A tough course and a great effort from all.