The Redhill CC committee 2018-19

 The Committee below was elected at the RCC AGM on 11th November 2018.

Adrian WebbPresident (ex-officio)
Peter FarnfieldChairman
David GillTreasurer
Frank GraingerMembership secretary
Stuart BuntGeneral secretary
Stefan MassinghamTime Trial secretary
VacantRoad Racing secretary
Rick GregoryRoad Events secretary
Jim JonesMTB secretary
Gwyn WilliamsMTB events secretary
James TriggPress, publicity & promotions secretary
Dave WillsherWelfare Officer (ex-officio)

Ordinary Members of the Committee
Richard NewmanComittee Member Without Portfolio
Kimberley AndersonComittee Member Without Portfolio
Jacquie PhillipsComittee Member Without Portfolio
Janina WightmanComittee Member Without Portfolio

Each member of the Committee, with the exception of the President, which in an honorary ex-officio post, is elected at each RCC club AGM. Each member serves for one year with the exception of the Chairman whose term is two years. Each Committee member may stand for re-election each year and serve indefinitely with the exception of the Chairman whose maximum consecutive term is six years. If a Chairman serves for longer than an initial pair of two year terms (ie 4 years) then he or she is elected for two single year terms to the maximum of six years. 

To view Redhill CC's constitution, please click here.