Charles Everests Alpe D'Huez... on Zwift!

If two hours on your turbo trainer sounds like purgatory, then spare a thought for RCC's Charles Hyatt who completed 12h49m to complete a virtual Everesting involving 8.5 x ascents of Alpe d'Huez (or Alpe du Zwift as the exact replica is known on the popular virtual racing platform - other brands are available!)  

If you've been living in a cave, Everesting is ascending the height of Mt Everest on a bike in one continuous effort, usually in less than 24 hours. 

At Redhill, Charles is known for his astonishing mental toughness having done Le Loop previously and also a great time in the Seville Marathon. So when it comes to preparing correctly and never ever giving up, he's your man! Here's the stats: 

  • 132.12 miles cycled
  • 29,252 ft (= 8.5 x ascents of Alpe D'Huez)
  • All achieved in in 12h 49m

His thanks goes particularly to RCC riders who gave encouragement along the way.  As he says, he got a chance to take on food, water and natural breaks (plus changing position) for 10 or so minutes of virtual freewheel descent between each climb. (So in truth it was all up!)

Can anyone from Redhill do it faster???

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Everesting on Zwift
Charles Everests Alpe D'Huez... on a turbo!