"We'll ride again... do know where... but don't know when.."

The beauty of a cycling club is it gives each of us a chance to ride with friends. You know, forget the world, forget work... just focusing on the breath in your lungs, the turn of the pedals and the beauty of 'our patch' in the Surrey Hills.

A global pandemic doesn't rob us of the chance to enjoy our sport but it does remove the chance to do so in the company of friends. And it's that loss of companionship that hits hardest.

Through all of this, we stick together because we know it will pass. We will ride together again and look back on a year when for roadies, Zwift and the Turbo became our lanes.

Vaccines willing we hope the Summer TT series will go ahead, that Mallorca will be back on the cards... but most of all that we can just ride together again. As friends and as a club. 

Stay strong, Redhill!




















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We'll ride again. Do know where but don't know when.
We will ride together again. This will pass...