To Bike Beans and Back

Thirteen of us gathered at the Reigate Hill car park for the promised ride to somewhere with cake in the middle.

Luckily I knew where “somewhere” was and was also able to find the “middle” , so everything worked out. Phil volunteered to be back marker and we set off West across the golf course, through Walton on the Hill and on towards Stane Street. There had been yet another stick invasion on Life on Mars but it didn’t prevent Graham from going through at such a pace that one of his jockey wheels caught fire. A bit of lubrication and we were able to carry on. We turned off Stane Street on to the twisty singletrack through Addlestead Woods and managed to miss all the trees. We arrived at Bike Beans café in Ashtead just as a group of roadies were leaving so we had plenty of room and reasonably quick service. Also Graham had a bit more lube applied to his jockey wheel as it was still smouldering. Back alongside Epsom racecourse and through Walton on the Hill past the golf course  to Reigate Hill and more cake. There is one incident of mild exaggeration in this report. Congratulations if you spot it.


Event / Article Type
MTB-Intermediate Reigate Hill 23/05
Bike Beans May 2015