Big Daddy Rides in Red


Gorrick Spring Series Round 2


So, having managed to borrow a brand new Redhill CC jersey, I was all set for my first race in Redhill colours, at Area 51, near Frimley in Hampshire. I am a bit of a veteran (not just in age!) at these, having raced Gorricks almost since the beginning more than 20 years ago, but these days not quite so near the sharp end as I used to be!


No matter, I have a very strong competitive urge to satisfy and just over an hour at full tilt over pretty technical courses does it for me, so I found myself on the start line in the Vets + cat with about 25 others, on a relatively dry course, with some warmth on my back.


I’m never fast off the start, but I did ok, and found myself mid pack through the first fast twisty fireroad and into the singletrack. This course was the most twisty, relentless fun I’ve ridden in a long time – not much elevation, but many short sharp climbs and descents – and did I mention the twisting? Not even a chance to grab a drink through the whole lap!


My category meant 4 laps, and I tried to keep the pace as consistent as I could, which was difficult as I had quickly found myself on my own with no-one in sight to chase, or to be chased, in 14th place. The laps were short, for Gorrick, and I was getting round in between 18 – 19 mins.


On the whole there was loads of grip, and much fun was had, until the sport leaders came by and showed me what riding fast really looked like! I was, as usual, ably supported by

my dad and my son (who took the pics) and as I started the last lap he shouted to me that I was catching the guy in front.


I gave it everything and chased hard, but he managed to hold me off, our last laps times being exactly the same (18:51) and he beat me by 11 seconds. At least I made him work for it, given the state of us both at the end!


And thanks to the club for the shirt – although it felt like the 90s again, riding in a shirt 3 sizes too big flapping in the breeze!


Andrew (aka Big Daddy


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