Bike Park Wales With Stuart B

Submitted by jim.jones on Mon, 06/04/2018 - 23:23

Bike Park Wales in a Day. Stuart has put this one up as a Saturday ride but it's up to you how you play it.

Due to the ever increasing popularity of the place it becomes harder and harder to get a day pass so this is the nearest Saturday with space. As of now !2:00am 05/06/18 there is 50 spaces on the Uplift available.

The general idea is we arrive in the carpark ready to ride for 9-9:30 get on the first uplift and enjoy a day of going downhill on some of the best trails wales has to offer.


If you haven't been before the trails are graded in colours similar to a ski resort, and there really is something for everyone.  

More info can be found here

Remember to keep an eye on the uplift spaces as once there gone there gone!


Bike Park Wales