RCC Mercers Lake ride, Big Daddy Style

My turn again to organise a ride. I spend a  lot of time at Mercers lake (my kids are Sea Cadets), it’s just round the corner form my place, and it seemed like an ideal place to meet, and so it was, that at 9:30 13 of us were present and correct to roll out of the park for an old skool xc ride. 

The weather was good, the trails were dry and we set off on a north downs loop, heading east first along under the hill and out towards Godstone. Past the Hawthorns school, across the Gallops by the quarry and then a turn up the hill past the Orpheus centre. A forced wait for a large group of walkers to come down the hill gave the chance for a regroup, then we chased Strava segments up the narrow steep trail.

Left at the top, then we picked up the North Downs way west bound along the ridge line. An awesome straight and fast blast down the farmers field at Clay lane is a favourite of mine, although a little ‘involved’ on Matt’s cross bike!

Onward, through the golf course, the RAA school and then I confused everyone by not going up to Reigate hill, but crossing the road and heading up the steep climb and across to Mogador. From there I’d discovered some new trails to me across onto Tadworth common.

The rain started to come down at this point (first wetness on a ride for months!), and there were some rumblings of discontent about a required tea stop, so the route was altered and we headed across to Headley, then to Destination Bike for refreshment (and some spontaneous wheelie training in the car park).

It had got a bit soggy and depressing by now, so a few went their separate ways and those of us left headed back the most direct route along the NDW to Reigate hill. I lost half the group at this point, but we all ended well back at the lake, 49.9km on the clock for me. Good times…


Big Daddy

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